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The Town of Silt offers all full-time employees an excellent Benefits Package. The following information is an overview of the benefits offered. If you need additional information, please contact the Town Treasurer, Amie Tucker at 970-876-2353 ext: 104 or by email at

CEBT Medical (PPO4) plan. Single (employee only); Employee & Spouse; Employee & Child; Employee & Children; Employee & Family coverages offered.

Current monthly premiums (First year of employment)
Employee-only: $0.00; Employee & Spouse: $475.50; Employee & Child(ren) $418.50; Employee & Family $686.00.

After first year of employment
Employee-only: $0.00; Employee & Spouse $237.75; Employee & Child(ren) $209.25; Employee & Family $343.00.

Includes Prescription Drug Coverage. Coverage starts the first of the month, 30 days after start date.

The Town offers Life Insurance to eligible full-time employees and this policy is paid by the Town. Coverage for eligible employees is $100,000. Additional Voluntary Life Insurance for employees and dependents is available at cost to the employee.
The Town offers both Short Term and Long Term Disability at no cost to the employee, eligible after 6 months of employment. Short Term will cover 66.66% of wages for the first 180 after injury or illness. Long Term will cover 60% of wages and will begin after 180 days.
All Police Officers have retirement with the Town through FPPA (Fire and Police Pension Association of Colorado). Employee has a 12% contribution, with a 9.5% match by the Town. Officers can also choose to enroll in the Town’s deferred compensation plan through CCOERA.

Contribution difference based on FICA and Medicare contributions both being made for regular employees. Medicare contributions only being made for law enforcement.

Optional supplemental retirement plan can begin at time of employment. Maximum contribution for 2024 is $23,000. If over 50 years of age maximum contribution for 2024 is $30,500. No Town match.
Employees are covered for a job-related injury or illness by the Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act. Under the Act, an employee may receive certain benefits pertaining to a job-related injury or illness. Neither workers’ compensation nor the Town will cover personal property that is damaged as a result of an accident.

The Town participates in an Early Return to Work Program as directed by the Town’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Details will be provided to the employee at the time of a job-related injury.

The Town shall place employees receiving workers’ compensation wage benefits on leave without pay. The employee shall reimburse the Town the amount of any wages paid to the employee by the Town for days which they also received workers’ compensation wage benefits.

The Town offers $600 per year for health and wellness. The full amount can be taken at the beginning of each year and used towards eligible items including home gym equipment, yoga lessons, medical, massages, camping gear, bicycle, ski pass, etc.
For continued and dedicated service to the Town, employees will be given on the anniversary date of the milestones listed below the dollar amounts indicated:

  1. 1 Year = $250
  2. 5 Years = $1,000
  3. 10 years = $2,500
  4. 20 years = $5,000
  5. 25 years = $7,500
  6. 30 years = $10,000
Volunteer Time Off (VTO) is a type of benefit where employees get paid to do volunteer work. The Town will offer 8 hours per year of VTO. Employees are not required to participate in this program. Employees that choose to participate need only to fill out the VTO form. Eligible volunteer activities will be listed on the form.
The Town will have gatherings once every three (3) months. The gatherings will be a chance to suspend work and gather together. The first three quarters will likely be near the end of the day on selected Wednesdays. The last quarter will be the annual Holiday gathering.
13 paid holidays per year: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and either the day before or the day after Christmas Day.
Vacation shall begin accruing at the end of the employees first six months of continuous employment. .5 – 4 years full-time employees, including law enforcement personnel shall accrue vacation time at a rate of 3.076 hours per pay period, equal to 80 hours per year; 5 – 9 years accrue 4.615 hours per pay period, equal to 120 hours per year; 10 + years accrue at 6.153 hours per period, equal to 160 hours per year. 120 hours may roll over at the end of the year. Employees that accrue at a rate of 6.153 or higher are allowed to roll over 160 hours at the end of the year.  Salaried employees will accrue an additional 1.538 hours per pay period, equal to 40 additional hours of vacation each calendar year.
Police Department employees are provided three (3) mental health days to use each calendar year that do not deduct from their vacation, holiday or sick leave bank.
Sick time shall begin accruing after the first two weeks of employment at a rate of 3.692 hours per pay period equal to 96 hours per year. Sick leave is allowed to accumulate indefinitely.
Pay days are every two weeks on the Friday following the pay period ending date.
In the event of a personal emergency, full-time employees who have been with the Town a minimum of two (2) years may submit a written request for a pay advance to the Administrator indicating the nature of the emergency involved. The Administrator will evaluate the request and determine whether a pay advance should be granted in his/her sole discretion. While requested amounts should be kept to a minimum, in no way shall an employee be granted an advance greater than the net amount of their paycheck. The Town will require employees to have accrued vacation to use as a collateral in the event that it should be needed to reimburse the Town. Reimbursement of an advance to the Town will be taken out of the next available paycheck and shall not extend beyond the next four (4) pay periods.
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