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File an Online Accident “Counter Report”

If you’ve been directed by an officer to file a counter report, please click the button at right. You will be filing your accident report directly with the State of Colorado.

Need a copy of a Police Report?

Depending on the status of the case, whether you’re a victim or the defendant, as well as several other factors, you will need to submit a Records Request form to our records clerk. Please click the button below to download a copy of the request form.

NOTE: If you need a copy of an Accident Report, please click here or the banner to your right to be redirected to CrashDocs by CARFAX.

Accident Reports completed by Silt PD

If a Silt Police Officer responded to the scene of your accident and completed the accident report for you, please click the CARFAX banner below.


Do You Need to Report a Crime/Incident?

If you’d like to report a crime or incident not in-progress, please use the online form below.

The Silt Police Dept allows the public to submit online police reports for minor crimes that are not in-progress and when the suspect is not known. We will email you an incident number after filing your report. Please be advised that we may contact you to follow-up on your report. Furthermore, filing a false report is a crime and you may be charged criminally if you make a false report. Please note that we can only accept reports for incidents that have occurred within the Town of Silt jurisdiction.

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