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Welcome to life in the beautiful little town of Silt, Colorado. If you are a new resident, or have questions about our Municipal Code, this information can help answer some of your questions, offer solutions to problems between neighbors, offer advice on how to keep your property as well as our Town neat, clean, beautiful, safe and healthy, and direct you to someone who has answers to questions not found here.

The Silt Municipal Code of ordinances developed by our Town Government and administrated by Town employees that regulate the property and people of the Town of Silt. These are laws specific to the Town boundaries. The entire code is available online here. or in-person at Town Hall.

What do Code Enforcement Officers do for the Town?

Code Enforcement officers investigate and enforce many areas of the Municipal codes such as: animal control problems, weed and rubbish accumulation, nuisance abatement, sign regulations, zoning regulations, parking and traffic issues, and other minor violations. Code Enforcement functions are under the direction of the Chief of Police, and from time to time, covers Police Patrol duties in addition to Code Enforcement. However, their primary duty is enforcing our municipal codes.

Why does Silt need Code Enforcement?

In order to maintain a healthy environment, keep the Town attractive to our residents and visitors, and to enhance property values. Silt needs to be neat, clean and safe.

Weeds, Rubbish and Trash

Weeds are annual problems that need to be addressed as early in the season as possible. The CSU Extension Office can help you determine how best to control your weeds. They can be reached at (970) 625-3969.

Weeds mean any vegetation commonly referred to as a weed, or any unsightly, useless, troublesome, or injurious herbaceous growing plant. (SMC 8.04.010) for a list of designated noxious weeds visit the Town website at

Property owners are responsible for weeds, rubbish, plants, and debris all the way around their property to the edge of any street and the centerline of the alley adjacent to the property. (SMC 8.04.030)

The Town will remove weeds if the property owner fails to do so (SMC 8.04.080) and will charge for equipment time, labor, and administrative costs (SMC 8.04.090).

Property, alleys and rights-of-way must be kept free of trash, rubbish and debris (SMC 8.04.030).

Littering is prohibited under SMC 8.05.020.

Trees and plants are to be trimmed to provide 10′ of clearance over sidewalks and 13′ of clearance over roadways. No limbs shall obstruct street lamps, or the view of an intersection. (SMC 12.16.130)

Sidewalks are to be maintained in a clean and snow-free condition (SMC 12.04.010).

Burning weeds, leaves, trash or other material is prohibited (SMC 8.20.010).

Animal Control Issues

Summons to Municipal Court may be issued for violations. On conviction, you may face up to a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail (SMC 1.12.020).

Dogs are required to be on a leash and under direct control of a responsible person at all times, except while on their own property or in a designated dog park. (SMC 6.04.170)

Dogs are required to be vaccinated for Rabies and licensed (SMC 6.04.030).

Excessive barking by dogs is prohibited under SMC 6.04.190.

A total of three (3) adult dogs are permitted per dwelling (SMC 6.04.210).

A total of three (3) adult cats are permitted per dwelling (SMC 6.04.210).

Owners are responsible for picking up waste their dogs excrete (SMC 6.04.160).

Dogs running at large are impounded and taken to the Journey Home Animal Shelter located in Rifle, Colorado.

Vicious dogs are prohibited within town limits unless properly licensed and all conditions of the code are met (SMC 6.04.180).

Animal cruelty is prohibited. Animals must be properly cared for and treated humanely (SMC 6.04.150).

Lost your dog? Call Dispatch at 970-625-8095. Your dog may have already been picked up or seen by someone. Dispatch will put your lost dog in their animal log.

Feral Cats: The removal of feral (domestic and un-owned) cats is the responsibility of the property owner, not the Town.

It is prohibited to keep any cattle, horses, swine, sheep, turkeys, geese, roosters, or goats within any zoning district of the Town (SMC 6.08.015). Chickens, with an appropriate permit, are allowed (SMC 6.08.017).

Wildlife problems: The Colorado Division of Wildlife handles complaints about damage or other problems involving wild animals. They can be reached at (970) 947-2920.

Automobiles, Parking and Traffic

The unsheltered storage of an inoperable or junk vehicles for thirty (30) days or more on any private property within the Town limits is prohibited (SMC 10.10.020).

It is the responsibility of both the occupants/owners to remove inoperable or junk vehicles (SMC 10.10.050).

If it becomes necessary for the Town to remove an inoperable or junk vehicle the cost of the removal and a 15% administrative fee will be assessed (SMC 10.10.060).

International Property Maintenance Code

For the purpose of providing minimum standards for existing residential and non-residential structures, equipment, and facilities for light, ventilation, space, heating, sanitation, protection from the elements, life safety, safety from fire and other hazards, and for safe and sanitary maintenance, the Town has adopted by reference as its Property Maintenance Code, the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code, published by the International Code Council (SMC 15.04.050).

All buildings within the Town limits must display property numbers that are clear, legible, and be at least 4″ in height (SMC 15.02.270).

The owner or occupant of any lot, tract, or parcel of ground within the Town having a sidewalk along or adjacent to any boundary thereof shall cause all snow and ice to be removed from the sidewalk within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of the last accretion of such snow or ice upon the sidewalk (SMC 12.04.010).

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