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Social Media Interaction Guidelines

Welcome to the Silt Police Department’s (SPD) policy concerning usage and interaction guidelines for its social media platforms. Your participation implies an understanding and agreement to the following guidelines:

  1. User Responsibility: You are responsible for your comments, username, and any information provided.
  2. Purpose: SPD’s social media presence aims to engage with the Silt community, share relevant news and events, and provide safety tips and information beneficial to residents, business owners, and visitors.
  3. Not a Public Forum: SPD’s social media channels are not open public forums but spaces for constructive engagement. Comments should remain relevant to the topic.
  4. Content Guidelines: Users must avoid posting inappropriate material, including spam, profane or obscene language, discriminatory content, threats, illegal activities, and any form of harassment. SPD reserves the right to remove such content.
  5. Emergency Requests: For emergencies or immediate police assistance, dial 911. Social media platforms are not the appropriate channels for emergency communication.
  6. Endorsements: Interaction with SPD’s social media accounts (likes, follows, etc.) does not imply SPD’s endorsement of any individual’s actions or comments.
  7. Moderation Policy: SPD is committed to maintaining family-friendly social media channels and will actively moderate content to ensure a respectful environment.
  8. Denial of Access: SPD may restrict access to its social media platforms for individuals who breach these guidelines.
  9. Platform-Specific Rules: Compliance with the community standards of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn is expected, and violations may be reported to these platforms.
  10. Choice of Platforms: The social media platforms chosen to be used by the SPD may change at anytime.

For any inquiries regarding these guidelines, please contact SPD’s Public Information Officer.

Last updated: 12/27/2023

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